Michigan Teachers Deserve Their Fair Pay Without Delay

Tell Gov. Snyder: Return the 3% that was Stolen from Michigan Teachers!

Senator David Knezek
To: Governor Snyder

Michigan’s hard-working public school teachers deserve to keep their hard-earned paychecks.

From 2010-2012, the State of Michigan illegally deducted 3 percent from the paychecks of every public school employee in the state. This includes everyone from teachers to bus drivers, and secretaries to school counselors. The money yanked from their paychecks was supposed to pay for retirement health care – but teachers weren’t even guaranteed they would receive it.

A drawn-out court case has waged for six years now, and the courts have ruled in favor of teachers every step of the way, striking down the law as unconstitutional. Recognizing that the law was broken, the legislature and Governor Snyder passed a law in 2012 that made the 3 percent optional, rather than mandatory.

And yet, Governor Snyder has continued to fight this case, insisting that he needs the money to balance his budget. His actions are further delaying justice for the people who have dedicated their lives to teaching Michigan’s children.

The state is sitting on the $550 million, which is being held in an escrow account, when it should be in the pockets of teachers. About 200,000 school employees, including those who have since retired from the profession, are still waiting to get their money returned so they can use it to pay off their mortgages, pay down their student loan debt, start a savings account for their children’s college education or buy school supplies out of their own pocket for students who can’t afford their own.

This is not how we should treat the people who go above and beyond for Michigan’s children each and every day – the people who rise before dawn to get the sidewalks shoveled and school buses warmed up, and the people who stay late into the evening to advise student clubs and help students with homework. We can and must do better.

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