Governor Snyder and GOP Negotiate MPSERS Agreement

Governor Snyder and GOP Negotiate MPSERS Agreement

Michigan Senate Democrats & Michigan State AFL-CIO
To: Republican-led Michigan Legislature

UPDATE - June 13, 2017: Governor Snyder and top Republican lawmakers finalized a deal behind closed doors to alter Michigan’s public school retirement system.

The Senate Education Committee will meet tomorrow — Wednesday, June 14 at 8 a.m. in Room 1100 of the Binsfeld Office Building — to pass this controversial bill without providing enough time for public review and comment.

Add your name tell lawmakers that you deserve time to review the bill and voice your concern, now! No votes until we know the cost.

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Step 2 – Call and Email Your Legislator

Hello, my name is [insert name] and I’m a constituent who supports the current retirement system for teachers, administrators and support staff. When it comes to retirement, it is important that our school employees can depend on the retirement they’ve worked hard for. The current system is fully-funded, and any changes will negatively impact our students and our communities, as the best and brightest individuals coming into the workforce will leave Michigan and move to neighboring states that support their school employees. I urge you to stand with school employees and students, and oppose any changes to the current system that will limit retirement benefits from those who work to grow our communities.

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Share this petition on social media and invite your friends to take action, and make their voices heard. Also, feel free to share Sen. David Knezek's video encouraging you to make your voice heard!


May 23, 2017 – Nearly five months after the Republican-controlled legislature paused their attempt to dismantle retirement savings for teachers, administrators and support staff, they’re back at it again. Corporate special interests are pushing them to slash school employees’ compensation and rob public employees of their retirement benefits.


Dec. 6, 2016 – The Republican-controlled legislature temporarily ended their attempt to dismantle the pension system and strip public employees of health care benefits. Your phone calls and emails to legislators made a difference!


Nov. 30, 2016
 – The Republican-controlled legislature tried to rush through legislation to dismantle the defined-benefit pension system for families with school employees. 

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