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Update: The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the freedom to marry who we love!

People of Michigan
To: Supreme Court of the United States

June 26, 2015

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the freedom to marry who we love. With this landmark opinion, our laws are finally beginning to evolve to embrace equality for all. 

But marriage equality is only the first step. It’s well past time for Michigan to update our civil rights laws to include everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.

Ultimately, I know Michiganders stand for justice and fairness, and we will prevail. So today, we celebrate, and tomorrow we push forward.

In the meantime, head to and tell us what the SCOTUS ruling means to you.

June 3, 2015

UPDATE: June is National LGBT Pride Month

June is National LGBT Pride Month, when we celebrate the contributions of our our LGBT brothers and sisters and support them in their fight for equality.

It's the perfect time to recommit ourselves to working for the day when no person feels they have to hide their true self.

Sign your name now to tell SCOTUS that you stand with your LGBT friends and family in bringing forth equal rights and marriage equality for everyone.

April 28, 2015

Today, SCOTUS is hearing oral arguments on the same-sex marriage case that started right here in Michigan and will impact marriage equality in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

The outcome of this hearing will directly affect the lives of thousands of Michiganders. While we won’t know the final decision until late June, we must continue speaking out against the gay marriage ban here in Michigan and across the Unites States.

Denying the right of same-sex couples to marry is discriminatory and we cannot idly stand by and let it continue. Share your thoughts on social media about today’s SCOTUS hearing. We cannot accept the status quo.

March 20, 2015

Friends and allies!

The fight for marriage equality in Michigan continues. While we recently made headway in legally recognizing the marriages of the 300 same-sex couple who wed last year, there are thousands of other couples around the state whose love and rights are still being denied.

That’s why the Senate Democrats are continuing to fight for marriage equality and legal standing for every resident in our state, regardless of who they are and who they love. And we will not give up until our state’s outdated and discriminatory laws are off the books for good.

Today, we introduced legislation to do just that. The bills would allow voters to repeal Michigan’s ban on marriage equality, would repeal it outright, and would legally recognize out-of-state same sex marriages.

With Republican and largely conservative majorities in the House and Senate, this is certainly going to be an uphill battle. That just means we’re going to need a lot of outside help from passionate and engaged citizens to finally turn the tide on this important issue.

If you care about marriage equality for all, please sign our petition below to urge action on our legislation to legally recognize all forms of love in Michigan.

Sign today in support of marriage equality and urge the Michigan Legislature to legalize same-sex marriage.

February 3, 2015

Today we delivered this letter to the Governor of Michigan saying that all people should be treated equally under the law. Please sign and share if this is important to you!

February 3, 2015
The Honorable Governor Rick Snyder State of Michigan
111 South Capitol Ave.
Lansing, MI 48993

Dear Governor Snyder,

We, the undersigned Senators, urge you to comply with the ruling made by Judge Mark A. Goldsmith that the State of Michigan must recognize as legal the marriages of the 300 same-sex couples who wed last March.

The rights of these 300 couples are just as valid as the rights of every other Michigander, and they and every Michigan resident deserve to have the same rights and responsibilities as other married couples. They were duly married under the law, and it is only right that the state recognize their marriages as legal. We urge you to be the champion for these rights by doing the right thing and acknowledging their union.

In your State of the State speech you called for the Legislature to continue the dialogue around expanding the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include the millions of Michigan residents left unprotected. Governor Snyder, it is time to do more than have a dialogue. It is time to act, and to join the 36 other states that have recognized and legalized same-sex marriage.

We stand united in supporting the rights of all loving couples to marry, and urge you to join us in doing the same. 


Jim Ananich, Senate Minority Leader, District 27

Morris W. Hood III, Minority Floor Leader, District 3

Steve Bieda, State Senator, District 9

Vincent Gregory, State Senator, District 11

Curtis Hertel Jr., State Senator, District 23

Hoon-Yung Hopgood, State Senator, District 6

Bert Johnson, State Senator, District 2

David Knezek, State Senator, District 5 

Virgil Smith, State Senator, District 4

Rebekah Warren, State Senator, District 18

Coleman A. Young II, State Senator, District 1

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