Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Responds to the 5-4 Supreme Court Decision

Pass #NotMyBossesBusiness Anti-Discrimination Bill in MI

Bryanna McGarry
To: Michigan Legislature

The US Supreme Court has just ruled that Hobby Lobby and other employers can deny women insurance coverage for contraception, placing yet another barrier between women and their doctorsRecent polling from Hart Research indicates that 68% of female voters disagree strongly with Hobby Lobby's position and 84% of women agree that the decision to use birth control "should be a woman’s personal decision, and her boss should not be able to interfere with it."

This decision comes on the heels of the recent move by the Michigan Legislature to pass the so called "Rape Insurance" law, which bans private insurers from covering elective abortion without the purchase of an additional rider.

In light of these devastating decisions, State Senator Jim Ananich and fellow Democrats recently introduced a bill that would ban employers from discriminating against staff or job applicants based on their use of contraceptives. Every day, it becomes more clear that legislation like this is necessary in Michigan and across the US.

It’s time to act! Tell the Legislature to immediately pass SB 732 to protect female workers from discrimination based on their personal care decisions.

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