Michigan voters deserve to know the full story behind political campaigns and passing Senate Bill 168 would be a greatly needed step in that direction.

Michigan Needs Campaign Finance Reform

State Senator Steve Bieda
To: Michigan Legislators

Recent news reports have uncovered potentially illegal finances behind Terri Lynn Land’s campaign for U.S. Senate.

While strong federal financial disclosure laws brought this issue to light, amazingly enough, Michigan lacks those same disclosure laws for candidates running for state offices.

Michigan law doesn’t require enough transparency to show who is behind political advertising -- or even who is behind the large checks being deposited into campaign coffers.

We can change that.

There’s legislation sitting idle in the Capitol that would be an important first step toward shining a light on the often murky world of campaign finance.

But even though it’s clearly needed, Lansing politicians aren’t taking it up.

Sign the petition now in support of moving forward with campaign finance reforms, starting with Senate Bill 168.

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