This petition would encourage Gov. Snyder and Michigan Legislators to draft a comprehensive plan to fix all roads and bridges in our state.

Fix Our Roads & Bridges

The People of Michigan
To: Governor Snyder and Michigan Republicans

The current GOP Roads Package only provides one-third of the money the Michigan Department of Transportation said it needed to fully reconstruct our roadways, and construction wouldn’t begin until 2021.

Republicans have controlled the Senate for the last 38 years, and Michigan’s legislative and executive branches for the last seven years. Where has that gotten us? Democrats want to completely repair Michigan’s roads and bridges, but Republicans don’t need Democratic votes in order to pass legislation. Tell Governor Snyder to work with both Democrats and Republicans on a solution that everyone can agree on – and one that actually works!

Michiganders are fed up with this nonsense. We are tired of shelling out money to pay for car repairs because the state ignored failing road conditions.

There’s no reason we can’t get 2500 people to sign on for this great cause.

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