Become a citizen cosponsor today.

Become a citizen cosponsor today.

Michigan Senate Democrats
To: Michigan Legislature

The dark veil shrouding our government in secrecy and mystery could soon be lifted under a renewed effort to create more transparency at all levels of government that has been praised by both Democrats and Republicans.

The Detroit Free Press reported that:

“Michigan ranks last in a national study of state ethics and transparency laws and safeguards… partly due to its weak public records law and an absence of laws requiring personal financial disclosures by lawmakers and top state officials.”

Currently, Michigan requires federal lawmakers to file financial disclosures — but gives a free pass to state officials and presidential candidates. Only two states, with Michigan being one of them, withhold information from their constituents that is considered public information and subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

Senator Steve Bieda has introduced two bills, SB 64 and 216, that would require local, state and presidential candidates to publicly release their tax returns in an effort to hold candidates accountable for paying their fair share of taxes, and point out any conflicts of interest regarding financial holdings.

We want you to join this partnership for a more open Michigan to hand the power back to the people — become a citizen cosponsor by adding your name to this bill.

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